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Top Customer Support Software Platforms to Consolidate Multiple Communication Channels into One

Updated: Jan 19

Top Customer Support Software Platforms

If you want to improve your customer experience, using the right customer support software is a must! Keep reading this article to learn about the best CX software that can help you integrate all communication channels into one.

Excellent customer service and support are imperative to be a success in today's age. In layman's terms, customer support software is used by businesses to streamline communication with their customers, and these can come in various forms, like CRM tools, live chat software, and ticketing systems. But the real question is - which customer support software is the best, and what criteria to look for? Don't worry; we will discuss the best support software in depth below.

What are the Main Features to Look For While Deciding on a Customer Support Software?

Before we check the list of best CX software, let's discuss some key features that you need to look for while choosing software for your business.

  • The software should be able to efficiently create, track, and manage customer support tickets, along with maintaining a centralized customer database.

  • Omnichannel support in CX is an essential feature when deciding on a software tool. The software should consolidate all communication channels into one and accommodate diverse customer preferences.

  • Proper automation, reporting, and analytics are other key considerations to ensure that you select the right support software for your business.

  • Similarly, integration capabilities are also necessary to make sure that the software is in sync with other business systems, like CRM, to provide a seamless experience across all touchpoints.

  • The software should help businesses establish real-time communication with consumers through live chats and AI-enabled chatbots that can resolve common customer issues automatically.

  • Lastly, proactive social media engagement and feedback & surveys are some other features to look for.

Top Customer Support Software Platform to Integrate Multiple communication channels

Among the many key features discussed above, omnichannel support tops the list! Customer demand for consistent services has increased over time, which is why omnichannel helpdesks have become an indispensable part of a customer experience strategy. Below are the top three customer support software for 2023 to provide omnichannel support in CX -

1. Hiver

This email-based omnichannel helpdesk software can accommodate customer support, HR, finance operations, and whatnot! If you want to improve your customer experience by increasing engagement across diverse communication channels, then Hiver is the best platform for your business.

Your business will be able to operate a full-fledged helpdesk that can integrate multiple communication channels, making it extremely intuitive to use. The platform helps businesses optimize and streamline their support processes, and they can collaborate on customer emails with ease. Not only this, the software has various other benefits, including real-time live chat, metric tracking, knowledge base creation, and a dedicated WhatsApp channel to connect to consumers for increased visibility and accountability.

2. Zendesk

The most famous software platform for omnichannel support in CX, Zendesk, helps support agents manage customer interactions across all communication channels efficiently. The platform streamlines communication across multiple touchpoints to create a unified agent workspace.

Businesses can also leverage Zendesk's features to spot trends and evaluate the latest CX metrics via detailed analysis and insights. This can help make better and more strategic business decisions that can aid in long-term business growth.

Some of the many features of the Zendesk software tool are -

  • Email support and live chat

  • Social media and voice support

  • Ease of accessibility and real-time assistance

  • Help Center

  • Seamless data-sharing process

  • Affordable pricing and cost-effective solutions

3. Freshdesk

Another top customer support software platform that can help you improve your customer experience by consolidating communication channels, Freshdesk, provides a comprehensive suite of features. The software is a SaaS-based omnichannel helpdesk that aims to deliver excellent customer service. It efficiently integrates customer requests across multiple channels, including email, voice chat, and social media, to manage customer interactions from a unified interface. This software is user-friendly and can be easily operated by agents and the CX team.

A few of Freshdesk's features include omnichannel support, automated ticket routing, self-service options, and SLA management, among many other benefits.


While these are the top customer support platforms, the selection also depends on various business factors. Thus, selecting the right customer support software is a crucial step for building an effective CX strategy, but the process can be nuanced and confusing. This is why you need to focus on the top key features you are looking for as per your business needs and requirements.

When choosing a software platform, you also need to consider the type of business model you follow and the number of active channels you have. If you are facing issues or are stuck while making a software decision, you can contact Better CX for a quick consult, and we can help you make a more informed choice that can cater to your requirements effectively.



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