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Top 3 Help Desk Software for Customer Service for Startups and Small Businesses

Updated: Jan 19

Helpdesk Software for Customer Service

In today’s world, where customers desire to use their preferred channel for interaction with brands, attending to all customers' requests promptly and efficiently has become a challenge. There comes a point when companies, especially startups and small businesses, have a significant increase in the volume of complaints, and queries that support teams find challenging to deal with. Helpdesk Software acts as a centralized ticketing platform helping customer service teams manage inquiries and complaints in an organized and prompt manner.

As Better CX partners with startups and small businesses, we understand the need to integrate the best helpdesk software for efficient customer management. So, here is a list of the Top 3 Helpdesk Software that you must use, especially if you are a startup or small business.

Top 3 Help Desk Software for Customer Service


Zendesk tops our 3 best help desk software for customer service charts. To start with, Zendesk allows you to choose a plan as per your company size. It is easy, reliable, and user-friendly. It regularly releases updates to enhance capabilities. Zendesk offers streamlined multi-channel support, an efficient ticketing system, and powerful automation features to enhance your team’s efficiency.

With a knowledge base for self-service, actionable insights, seamless integrations, and customization options, Zendesk also provides the tools and AI support needed to scale your operations and deliver exceptional customer experience.

Many customer support managers also use support ticketing or chat for conversion leads. The Zendesk Support is designed especially to build and manage CX pipelines and get an overall view of the customer support processes.

Investing wisely would be a great decision for any startup. Zendesk is a smart choice to help your startup thrive in a competitive landscape. Zendesk is the market leader and gives the best return on investment.

Hence, at Better CX, we extend our services for Zendesk Implementation and Integration. We can help businesses get discounts on Zendesk subscriptions, implementation, and optimization.

Zoho Desk

Another powerful market leader in Customer Relation Management Software, Zoho Desk is a cloud-based customer relations and help desk solution. It caters to all enterprise sizes. It has omnichannel support organizing all interactions across platforms under one dashboard. Zoho Desk’s features include – Support Ticketing, Contract Management, Customer Support Portal, and Report Generation. It also provides real-time customer insights.

Zoho Desk is a multi-usage platform and comes with an easy-to-understand user training manual. If you are a startup, choose the subscription carefully looking through features that are customizable and limited.

It is aimed at improving consumer interaction and thus tracks the response time like other help desks to increase efficiency. It also comes with self-help forums, AI support for scripting, chatting, knowledge banks and reports about consumers and their insights.

It also offers a free trial and consultation with the demo.

Help Scout

Another remarkable help desk software for startups. Help Scout is determined to increase productivity, and scale your organization to reach globally. It can be very helpful for startups and small business owners. It is easy to use and set up. The features include mailbox management, live chats, workflow management, easy integrations, AI assistance, reporting, and self-support knowledge.

Help Scout allows its users to manage teams, connect with their customers, handle queries, and deliver instant answers. It also provides customer data and insights. The in-app messaging feature allows easy interaction with same and inter-department personnel.

It also has an easy user interface and keeps updating its services to meet the increasing demand. It comes with subscriptions based on the size of the organization and the number of users using the help desk software.

Comparison Zendesk v/s Zoho Desk v/s Help Scout

Zendesk v/s Zoho Desk v/s Help Scout Help Desk

Conclusion - Top 3 Help Desk Software for Customer Service for Startups and Small Business

The 3 top helpdesk software for customer service for startups and small businesses are Zendesk, Zohodesk, and Help Scout. Better CX recommends Zendesk as the helpdesk to work with from the beginning. It is the market leader and provides the best return on investment. Better CX also provides support to get the lowest subscription with implementation and integration, reducing the overall cost by a minimum of 25% for the growth of the business with exceptional customer service.



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