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Zendesk implementation

Streamline Support with Seamless Zendesk Solutions

For a business, the decision to use a ticketing tool is a big investment, and getting it right is critically important. While there are many ticketing tools available today most companies make the mistake of going for a cheaper option than the best one. Zendesk is the market leader in customer support ticketing tools and we highly recommend using it to support your customers. 

Zendesk offers a range of capabilities to help your brand deliver optimal customer support. However, not all support teams know how to make the most out of Zendesk to improve customer experience while reducing costs.

We offer the following Zendesk implementation and optimization services:

  • Pricing: If you are not using Zendesk yet, we can help you get the lowest subscription price.

  • Setup and Implementation: We set up and configure Zendesk to align with your support processes, including setting up support channels, ticketing, workflows, and user roles, etc.

  • Migration Services: Assist in migrating data from your previous support system to Zendesk without data loss.

  • Ticketing System Design: We optimize ticket forms, fields, triggers, and automations for efficient issue tracking and resolution.

  • Self-Service Portals: Create and customize self-service portals to provide customers with easy access to support resources.

  • Performance Analytics: Implement reporting and analytics tools to track key performance metrics, measure customer satisfaction, and identify areas for improvement.

Unlock full potential of Zendesk

Inefficient workflows can cause support costs to increase by up to 25%*

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