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Startup's Guide to CX Tools & Platforms for Handling Seasonal Traffic

Are you a startup worried about seasonal traffic? Do you have a lean team setup but expect high-traffic months ahead? This Startup's Guide to CX Tools by Better CX Consultancy is a complete and concise briefing to improve customer experience during busy business months.

This blog elaborates a list of tools and steps you must take as a startup to prepare yourself for seasonal traffic surges. These tools and suggestions are beneficial to maintain exceptional customer satisfaction in peak seasons with the existing lean team setup.

What is the Seasonal Traffic Rise?

You must have heard 'This is Season Time' from all types of business owners worldwide. Season time is when the demand for a particular product or service rises due to holidays, weather changes, consumer buying patterns, festivals, and celebrations. Like- In western nations, November, December, and January drive sales of products and services due to New Year celebrations and Christmas. It is thus imperative to have a robust plan to tackle or handle the seasonal traffic to provide the best CX services to the existing, new, and potential customers.

List of CX Tools for Startups and Suggestions for Handling Seasonal Traffic

Omnichannel Support

Your customer is present on many channels and platforms. He/ She might be expecting your team to solve a query on Instagram or via live chat. Some may drop an email, while others might pick their phones up and dial the Customer Support Number.

If you want to provide an uninterrupted and improved customer experience to the new age customers and buyers then tools such as Zohodesk, Zendesk and HubSpot can allow flawless integration of these channels to build impressive omnichannel support for those high-traffic seasonal months. Equipping your startup with dependable customer experience by touching all interactive avenues can bring praise and loyal customers to your business and create favorable advocates across digital and conventional sites.

Help Desk Ticketing System

Platforms like Zendesk or Freshdesk help organize customer queries, prioritize complaints, and support timely responses through their ticketing systems. They are highly effective and evolved customer service software solutions that allow tracking, prioritizing, and solving customer queries without complexities and difficulties.

Self-Support Options & Chatbots

As elaborated by CX Professional Sandeep Jindal

Empower customers to find answers independently through self-service portals, FAQs, and chatbots. This reduces the workload on your team while promoting customer empowerment.

Maximizing self-support options can reduce dependency on customer support executives greatly. Availability of FAQs, "How to" resources, tutorials, and troubleshoot videos allow the customers to find answers to common questions and solutions to problems without aggravating the need to get on a call with customer support personnel. Tools like Helpjuice, Zendesk Guide, and Document360 are user-friendly interfaces for creating self-support resources.

If you are preparing to improve customer experience during traffic surges, then Chatbots powered by AI are game-changers. Automated chatbots leave room for human resources to focus on more complex queries by providing easy-to-understand responses to uncomplicated questions and doubts. These Chatbots also support a seamless customer journey by navigating them to the desired product or service. Platforms like Gobot, Drift, Intercom, and Sprinklr provide AI-powered Chatbot services that can be integrated with various web portals to provide real-time round-the-clock CX support.

Build Communities

An essential practice that startups must adopt is building communities, especially for the IT, Edtech, SAAS and Robotic industries. Platforms like Quora and Reddit are valuable for interacting with users and answering questions directly. These platforms also enable community building where the consumer then promotes or talks on behalf of your product/ service by answering queries of the new or potential clients as per their experience of the product. They can serve as a perfect platform to create a comprehensive FAQ and act as a reservoir of authentic feedback mechanisms.


Having worked as customer experience consultants for startups, Better CX professionals understand the need to leverage technology and their expertise for planning and managing strategies for high-traffic seasonal months. The right CX tools and platforms not only mitigate the challenges but also provide opportunities to startups, for interacting with their customers to better understand both -their customer and the services/ products. It can also reduce the support cost up to 80% and provide key benefits to organizations.



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