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How Have Startups Improved Customer Service?

Updated: Jan 28

startups improve customer service

Customer experience is imperative for all companies, irrespective of their size. For startups, CX is all the more crucial, and they need to provide an exceptional customer experience to create a brand identity from the very start. There can be many obstacles for startup businesses to invest in CX services, including limited budget, manpower, and resources. But, on the flip side, they are not bound by bureaucracy and the old, outdated processes that can get in the way of good customer service.

Today, with technology being on the rise, startups can benefit from CX and AI, along with many other effective ways, and can set themselves apart from their competitors. In this article, we are going to discuss how startups improve customer experience in recent times and what your business can take away from them to provide better services to your consumers.

Some Examples of Startups that have Succeeded in Providing Exceptional Customer Service

Here are some startups that have shown exemplary performance with their CX services -

  • Brands, like have leveraged artificial intelligence to combine CX and AI and create an extraordinary experience for their customers. They have catered to more than 175 million end-users and have employed tools to measure and manage the full lifecycle of a brand experience.

  • Similarly, SociallyGood, a brand that helps individuals discover social causes of their interest, has also harnessed the power of AI and tech to integrate more than 10-point solutions into one platform, including fundraising, volunteering, and campaigns.

  • Medica, another NPO, has leveraged outsourcing to provide 24*7 customer service, addressing the issues of long wait times and queues. Back in 2018, they handled 42,000 customer calls effectively.

  • Being a market leader in self-driven cars, Zoomcar identified key points in their customers' rental journey to provide proactive solutions. This detailed map helped them look closer from the customer's point of view and keep everyone in the company on the same page.

  • Kin, an insurance startup, created a simplified home insurance process to provide digital-first solutions to customers. Their agents advise customers on their insurance needs and check in regularly to ensure that they are satisfied.

  • Jitterbit, a software startup, has succeeded in its CX journey by creating a streamlined experience, focusing on customers throughout the organization, along with providing personalized services and recommendations.

Useful Tips on How Startups Can Improve Customer Service

Startup companies in recent years have worked on bettering their customer service, and here are some effective ways you can improve your customer experience as a startup or small business -

startups improve customer service

1. Shared Responsibility

To succeed as a business, CX should be an overall organizational goal, and each department should work towards it. When customer service is considered everyone's job, businesses can thrive, and so is the case with startups. In startup businesses, the hierarchies and loops are minimal, which can lead to commitment and shared responsibility from the entire team, leading to better CX services.

2. Escalate Issues & Use Latest Technology

Startups can use mobile technology to escalate a customer query or matter to other colleagues who can answer the question better. This shows customers that you care and ensure that the queries are resolved in time, leading to fewer chances of a frustrated customer. Along with this, they need to choose the right customer service software as per their goals and train the team to use the tools efficiently.

3. Outsource Customer Service

Many startups lack the resources and expertise to handle customer complaints and feedback. Outsourcing can be a cost effective solution to this challenge.

4. Focus on Target Market and Customer Insights

As a startup, you should aim to create a loyal customer base by understanding their demographics and needs. Once you have collected enough data, you can create detailed insights to understand your customers better and communicate with them accordingly.

5. Helpful Product Recommendations and Check-Ins

If you want to improve your customer experience as a startup brand, you can send personalized recommendations to customers about what they can buy next, complimentary items, etc. Apart from this, regular check-ins to ensure that customers are satisfied with their purchase can make them feel seen, which can create an authentic community of consumers.

5 Must-Have Customer Support/ Service Channels for Startups


Once you have chosen the right CX strategies, regular feedback and evaluation are necessary to ensure that they are working for your startup's growth and customer base. Also, keep in mind that customer's expectations keep evolving, and there is no one magical way to satisfy them. You need to use multiple strategies and tools and keep on modifying them as time and trends change to stay relevant in this ever-changing competitive environment.

If you need more help and guidance to nail the CX game as a small business or startup, feel free to reach out to Better CX for a quick consultation.



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