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Short-Term Services by Better CX Consultancy To Improve Customer Experience

Updated: Jan 19

short term services by Better CX Consultancy

In today’s day and age, where most companies are in a cut-throat competition to be at the forefront, brand value is of utmost importance. There is nothing that reflects a brand’s value more than its customer experience. Brands that strive for customer loyalty & engagement are the ones that survive in the long run. As per statistics, more than 80% of the companies that focus on improving their consumer experience notice an upward trend in their revenue, along with major cost savings.

Thus, it is imperative to make CX a driving factor to connect with consumers in dynamic ways, and we at Better CX help businesses achieve this goal with our varied services that are designed to implement effective strategies.

Short-Term Services by Better CX Consultancy Designed to Improve Your Customer Experience

As a CX consultancy service provider, we offer a wide range of services to promote revenue growth with better customer loyalty & retention. Our data-driven solutions and practices can help you improve your customer journey. Our varied set of key CX services can provide you with proper expertise and guidance, and some of our short-term services include –

Ø Zendesk Implementation

Being a market leader in customer support ticketing tools, Zendesk is a major investment to support your customers. Businesses can benefit from Zendesk and its range of capabilities, provided they know how to make the most of this tool. Brands and businesses can also reduce their costs by making this one-time investment and using the ticketing tool with proper implementation.

This is where it becomes essential to avail of CX consultancy from reputed service providers.

At Better CX, we offer Zendesk implementation and optimization services that are aligned with your support processes and are well within a reasonable subscription range.

As a customer experience provider, our Zendesk implementation services include –

  • The lowest subscription price, along with proper setup and configuration, including support channels, ticketing, and workflows.

  • We help optimize and automate ticket forms & fields to track and resolve customer issues efficiently.

  • If you want to migrate your data, our implementation services can assist you in switching from your previous support system.

These features can help you deliver optimal customer support by utilizing the Zendesk tool at its maximum potential.

Ø Customer Self Service

If you want to improve your customer experience and take your business to a higher level, there are many strategies that can be employed, including self-service options. Today, customers are on the lookout for faster complaint resolution and quick answers from brands, and a self-service portal can immensely help brands enhance customer experience.

Self-service not only empowers the customers but can help reduce costs significantly, creating a win-win situation. Our customer self-service features can help you create a knowledge base, along with the following capabilities –

  • We at Better CX create a comprehensive knowledge base for customers, including FAQs, guides, and tutorials to resort to common customer complaints and queries.

  • We aim to make the self-service portal interactive by creating community forums where users can share experiences and provide effective solutions to common issues.

  • In today’s day and age of AI technology, our customer self-service feature is implemented with virtual assistants and AI-powered chatbots to guide customers and provide 24/7 assistance.

  • We also offer varied resources, like video tutorials, user guides, and manuals to guide customers and demonstrate product features via instructions videos, and documentation.

Ø CX Strategy & Transformation

No matter how many CX strategies are applied, if they are not cross-functional, they won’t reap results. This is where CX transformation comes into the picture. The focus while applying customer experience strategies should not be limited to cost-cutting or risk reduction but to overall customer relationships. Businesses can understand the customer journey in a better way with proper CX strategies that include –

  • ABCs, i.e. alignment, behavior, and communication across all business processes in the organization. This can create an overall impact rather than the focus being on a singular customer service.

  • Alignment that isn’t only vertical to create complete clarity on the customer journey. For this, businesses can leverage techniques and methods, like Six Sigma, to document customer experience across business functions.

  • A deliberate effort to practice with your people. The strategies need to be implemented on an entire business level rather than an individual level to reflect optimum and consistent results, along with regular governance.

Being a renowned customer service provider, our CX expert team helps businesses achieve process transformation by considering the above strategies, along with customer-centric solutions that are derived from proper analytics and feedback.


These short-term services can be implemented long-term in the business to achieve the utmost customer satisfaction while regularly improving the strategies to consider changing customer needs. So, don’t wait long; transform your customer strategies with these CX services for better business growth.



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