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What is the Relevance of AI in Customer Service?

AI in Customer Service

Artificial intelligence (AI) is steadily becoming an imperative part of this digital era. More and more businesses are leveraging AI in different areas of business, and customer service and artificial intelligence have become a very favorable combination. As per recent statistics, AI is predicted to power more than 90% of all customer interactions by 2025.

But how can businesses use AI in CX to stay ahead of their competitors? If you are wondering the same, keep reading this article to learn the relevance of AI and ways to utilize it for exceptional customer service.

What is AI, and What are the Benefits of Leveraging AI in CX?

Before we learn how to use AI for customer service, it's important to have an understanding of artificial intelligence. AI is a state of computer science that develops computer systems to be able to perform tasks that require human intelligence, like visual perception and translation between languages.

This means businesses can use AI in CX to solve customer issues and complaints without human intervention. Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing the customer experience by assisting with sales inquiries, accessing insurance risks for companies, and other admin tasks.

Main Benefits of Combining AI in Customer Service

There are many advantages of using artificial intelligence to improve your customer experience, some of which include -

  • AI helps agents understand the behaviors that affect customer satisfaction, like showing empathy, driving meaningful conversations, etc. This helps brands to better serve their consumers and can also increase job satisfaction within the organization.

  • By combining customer service and artificial intelligence, businesses can leverage AI bots to respond to customers consistently. This helps to reduce the response and waiting time, which in turn leads to customer satisfaction.

  • We all know the importance of omnichannel support in providing excellent customer service. By using AI in CX, businesses can predict emotions and intent that can help them understand customer preferences and shape their experiences accordingly.

  • AI and analytics continuously learn from old interactions to improve present and future self-service experiences. With AI, businesses can build better self-service by enabling contact centers to review every interaction, prioritize automation, and gather words needed to update self-service.

  • AI can reduce employee's workload by focusing on high-priority situations, and it can also analyze large volumes of data in a shorter span to help them make better decisions.

How Can Organizations Leverage AI to Better Their Customer Experience?

Now that we have learned the importance of AI and the positive impact it can have on your business, let's learn the various ways in which you can utilize artificial intelligence in CX -

Chatbot-based Support

Chatbots are becoming very popular lately and are expected to grow at 58.5% by the end of 2023. By using AI in CX, businesses can replace phone and email support with automated chatbots. Chatbots can search user history, draw understanding about the product, and combine that with it's ability to understand language. This can create an unbeatable and exceptional customer experience for the business, which can increase customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Personalized User Experience

AI can help brands provide personalized experiences to users by reading and analyzing large amounts of customer data. Then, it can assess needs, preferences, and emotional responses to provide businesses with a roadmap to improve their CX strategy. By using AI, agents can respond to service questions with personalized prompts on different channels.

Work Summaries and Briefings

Another way to combine customer experience and artificial intelligence is by making work summaries. AI can automate the crucial task of writing wrap-up summaries based on available data and history, which is otherwise a very time-consuming process. Businesses can create briefings for the most relevant data to start the job, which reduces the workload for the frontline workers.

Shareable Knowledge Base

Brands can connect an AI tool to the service console to create a knowledge base article for the experienced agents to review. This can help get articles out faster and can also be provided to consumers in the self-service portals to help them search for answers to their questions. AI can also generate an answer from the article directly to the search page, thus saving everyone's time and effort.

Natural Language Understanding

Businesses can leverage AI by using real-time analysis of customer calls, chats, and emails to better interpret the conversations. By utilizing natural language understanding, AI can help organizations understand customer's frustration levels and provide quicker solutions for their problems.

Speech Analytics

One of the most interesting ways to use AI in CX is speech analytics. It gives management insights into calls and CRs to analyze and interpret the most effective calls and the best CRs. This helps businesses decide what training and operational changes can make customer service more satisfactory and successful.


Thus, the use of AI is only going to increase in the coming future, and it can truly transform the way businesses serve customers. Organizations can leverage AI in the early stages to provide frictionless self-service and a more efficient customer experience that can help them gain a big advantage over their competitors.

If you still have doubts about using AI effectively, you can consult our team for a better understanding and to learn different strategies for combining AI and CX.


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