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Streamlining Support: The Best Knowledge Base Software for Customer Service

Top 5 Knowledge-Based Software for Customer Support

If you want to deliver exceptional customer service, you need to have the right customer service management tools. Knowledge base software has become more vital with time to enable the customer service teams to provide a better experience. But what exactly is knowledge base software, and what are the top software to go for? We are going to explain all about the best software in this article below to help you make the right decision. 

Brief Overview of a Knowledge Base Software

When it comes to customer self-service, you need to leverage the best software with useful features. This is where knowledge base software can help you level up your CX game. 

The software provides information that can enable your customers to have a better experience while using your products and services, along with a lot of self-service options for simple tasks. It works by helping businesses organize their working knowledge as useful content in a searchable data directory. Advanced software also uses automation and machine learning to respond to customer inquiries via relevant articles from the database. 

Some of the common data provided in a knowledge base are -

  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • User Manual

  • Troubleshooting Guide

  • Installation Guide

  • Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)

  • Onboarding flows for customers

Internal V/S External Knowledge Base 

An internal knowledge base is a detailed source of information about every facet of the company that can be relevant for employees. The knowledge base aims to make the support team’s job easier and includes a wide variety of knowledge, like onboarding procedures and customer behavior insights for a particular product. Company policies, troubleshooting guides, and workflows are some examples of an internal knowledge base.

An external knowledge base, on the other hand, covers all the information about your products and services that might be relevant to the customers. These are essentially self-service portals for customers and they can access the knowledge base at their convenience. An external knowledge base includes every detail that can help the consumers understand your product independently. FAQs, video tutorials, product information, and how-to guides are some examples of an external knowledge base.  

Common Benefits of Using Knowledge Base Software for Customer Self-Service

Using a customer service management tool, like knowledge-based software, can be beneficial in the following ways:

Self-Service Empowerment

  • 24/7 Availability: A knowledge base is a constantly accessible resource, allowing customers to find answers to common problems even outside of business hours.

  • Reduced Ticket Volume: When customers can solve their own issues, it significantly reduces the number of support tickets your team needs to handle.

  • Improved Customer Satisfaction: Quick and easy access to solutions empowers customers and enhances their overall experience.

Increased Team Efficiency

  • Optimized Resource Allocation: Your support staff can focus on complex, high-priority issues rather than repetitive questions.

  • Streamlined Onboarding: New agents can find answers and established procedures quickly within the knowledge base, expediting their training.

  • Reduced Resolution Times: Agents have resources at their fingertips, increasing the speed at which they handle inquiries.

Enhanced Customer Experience

  • Consistent Messaging: A well-maintained knowledge base ensures customers receive accurate information across all support channels (website, chat, etc.).

  • Omnichannel Support: Customers can find answers in their preferred method, whether that's searching a website, engaging with a chatbot, or looking through resources. This seamless support experience is crucial for customer satisfaction.

Valuable Insights

  • Identify Knowledge Gaps: Analyze search terms and unresolved inquiries in the knowledge base to uncover areas where you need to create new resources or improve existing ones.

  • Improve Products & Services: Patterns in customer issues highlighted by the knowledge base can help product teams identify areas for refinement.

Cost Savings

  • Reduced Support Costs: Self-service and streamlined agent processes cut down on operational expenses associated with customer support.

Top Knowledge Base Software You Should Know About

You can consider the following Knowledge Base software for your business and provide exceptional customer service:

Zendesk Guide

Zendesk Guide offers a streamlined and user-friendly knowledge base solution, making it a leader in customer service software. Both customers and support agents benefit from its intuitive self-service portal, leading to 24/7 access to essential information. This robust tool integrates seamlessly with other systems, imports content easily from Google Docs, and supports over 40 languages for a globally accessible experience.

Zendesk Guide also offers valuable analytics that help businesses understand customer needs and refine their content. Additional features like rich formatting, draft saving, customizable branding, AI-powered bots, and community forums further enhance its value as a comprehensive customer service solution.

Document 360

Document360 is a versatile knowledge base solution designed to excel in both internal and customer-facing applications. Its robust collaboration tools and in-depth reporting make it a preferred choice for larger organizations. Document360 streamlines knowledge management with its intuitive markdown editor, intelligent search, and insightful performance analytics. The well-designed, minimalist interface ensures a seamless user experience within the knowledge base portal.


HubSpot, as one of the top customer support knowledge base software, helps organizations provide exceptional customer support by providing all the functionalities required. From knowledge base to help desks to reporting to live chats, HubSpot has it all! It makes it easy to customize and organize your online space, and the software is incredibly easy to get started with. Not only this, but the software program also offers multi-language support, different access levels, proper content management, and detailed analytics and reporting features. 

Help Juice

This cloud-based knowledge management software is one of the top choices for both internal and external solutions. With a wide range of detailed and powerful tools, the software can be customized across the board. It is beginner-friendly with a highly intuitive interface that makes it easy to use for those who are new to knowledge-based software.

The software facilities users with impressive reporting and analytical features that can help measure productivity and make room for improvement. It allows for seamless remote communication to ensure that all tasks are assigned and changes are made without any hassle. With Help Juice, you can easily determine the processes that need to be automated and workflows that need to be changed. 


Known for its versatility, HappyFox is one of the best knowledge-based software to improve customer self-service in CX. It has a user-friendly interface and helps streamline customer support processes with an efficient ticketing system, multichannel support and integration, and insightful analytics. The software program provides users with a simple knowledge-based solution that is searchable and responsive to ensure that customers get help instantly. HappyFox is a great choice for businesses of various sizes that are seeking a scalable customer support solution. 

Help Scout

Help Scout can be used to create an efficient help desk solution that is customized as per customer support needs. The software program enhances customer interaction management and improves team collaboration for small and medium-sized organizations. It helps businesses prioritize customer service inquiries and create a personalized experience. The software also helps recognize content gaps and helps businesses modify their knowledge base information as per the latest customer needs. The interface is user and beginner-friendly, and the software is reasonably priced, making it a competitive choice. 

Wix Answers

This intuitive knowledge base software can work wonders for small and medium-sized enterprises. Wix Answers helps businesses build a website with minimal resources and also facilitates them with a call center, live chat, and ticketing system features. By helping with customer surveys, reporting, and discussion forums, it makes customers feel seen and helps brands analyze their customer's views better. 

USU Knowledge Center

This cloud-based management software has a powerful search feature along with collaboration tools to help agents escalate issues more easily. The software integrates with SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Zendesk, and Sales Force and provides customizable branding and other self-service portal features, like voicebots, chatbots, and usage tracking. USU Knowledge Center also facilitates businesses with a consistent editorial process for content creation, updates, and removal. 

Knowledge Base for Customer Self-Service: Best Practices 

There can be many challenges while creating a knowledge base for better customer support, and here are some best practices that can help you overcome them -

  1. Your customer-facing knowledge base requires regular maintenance, and the information needs to be regularly updated. Otherwise, the customer service team might provide outdated solutions and inaccurate answers, which can lead to a negative customer experience. 

  2. It is important that the knowledge base can be searched properly, and you can improve searchability by using natural language processing tools that can help customers find valuable content easily. 

  3. Try to include helpful articles on various topics in the customer-service knowledge base so that customers can get the right information quickly. For this, you can structure relevant articles into categories and ensure that the content is clear and concise. 

  4. Lastly, ensure that the customer support team is using the knowledge base content as a part of a consistent workflow to make sure that customer concerns are addressed quickly, leading to better customer satisfaction. 

Knowledge base software can be an excellent addition to your customer service tools and can facilitate you to provide customer self-service. Different software has different unique features, and you can suit the right fit for your business and customers accordingly. 

In case of any more queries or confusion regarding the right software, you can reach out to us and speak to our experts to make a more informed decision.

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