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Top 5 Knowledge-Based Software for Customer Support

Top 5 Knowledge-Based Software for Customer Support

If you want to deliver exceptional customer service, you need to have the right customer service management tool and software. Knowledge-based software has become more vital with time to enable the customer service team to provide a better experience.

But what exactly is knowledge-based software, and what is the top software to go for? We are going to explain all about the best software in this article below to help you make the right decision.

Brief Overview of a Knowledge-Based Software

When it comes to customer self-service in CX, you need to leverage the best software with useful features. This is where knowledge-based software can help you level up your CX game.

The software provides information that can enable your customers to have a better experience while using your products and services, along with a lot of self-service options for simple tasks. It works by helping businesses organize their working knowledge as useful content in a searchable data directory. Advanced software also uses automation and machine learning to respond to customer inquiries via relevant articles from the database.

Some of the common data provided in a knowledge base are -

  • FAQs

  • Troubleshooting guides to resolve customer issues.

  • Product and service descriptions to help consumers understand the company's features in detail.

  • Onboarding flows for customers.

Common Benefits of Using Knowledge-Based Software for Customer Self-Service in CX

Using a customer service management tool, like knowledge-based software, can be beneficial in the following ways -

  • A well-managed knowledge base (both external and internal) can help your business perform better, and support teams can use the data created by using the knowledge base to document problem-solving responses.

  • It can help track feature requests and document product development, and it can also be a resourceful tool to communicate internal information to employees.

  • With knowledge-based software, the customer support team will be able to create content that helps consumers, leading to better outcomes.

  • An external knowledge-based software, one your customers can utilize, provides various self-service options, from onboarding customers to explaining your products & services.

Top 5 Knowledge-Based Software for Customer Support You Need to Know About


By offering a lean and confident content solution, Zendesk has made it to the top of the knowledge base software list in 2022. The USP of the software is that it is easy to use by the business internally and also by customers. Customer and support agents can use the self-service portal to find the right info and respond to queries 24*7.

With 40 different languages, the software provides a localized experience to customers, and it also provides insights to help businesses bridge the gap between the current content and customer's expectations. Some other features of Zendesk include customizable branding, AI-enabled bots, and community forums.


If you need a tool that centralizes company knowledge in a single, searchable platform, then Bloomfire is the right software choice. It helps support agents deliver contextually relevant service consistently, leading to a better customer experience.

With AI capabilities and crowd-sourced FAQs, the platform imitates social media by allowing user interactions. The software becomes more affordable if you have more than 50 users and can help you with many self-service portal features, including API access, content reporting, and customer feedback.

Wix Answers

This intuitive knowledge base software can work wonders for small and medium-sized enterprises. Wix Answers helps businesses build a website with minimal resources and also facilitates them with a call center, live chat, and ticketing system features. By helping with customer surveys, reporting, and discussion forums, it makes customers feel seen and helps brands analyze their customer's views better.

USU Knowledge Center

This cloud-based management software has a powerful search feature along with collaboration tools to help agents escalate issues more easily. The software integrates with SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Zendesk, and Sales Force and provides customizable branding and other self-service portal features, like voicebots, chatbots, and usage tracking. USU Knowledge Center also facilitates businesses with a consistent editorial process for content creation, updates, and removal.

Intellum Platform

Intellum platform is another customer service management tool that can be used to educate 10,000+ employees and customers. It includes not only a knowledge base but also a learning management system. The self-service portal helps with customer feedback and provides detailed analytics for the business. With real-time collaboration tools, design customization, and categorization, this platform is worth considering.


The top 5 knowledge-based software for customer support can be an excellent addition to your customer service tools and can facilitate the business to provide better services, including customer self-service in CX. Different software has different unique features, and you can suit the right fit for your business and customers accordingly.

In case of any more queries or confusion regarding the right software, you can reach out to Better CX and speak to our experts to make a more informed decision.

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