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Business Transformation Strategies for Better CX and EX

Updated: Jan 19

Business strategies for better CX

We all know how essential customer service is for the success and growth of a business, but not many people know that investing in your employees can lead to a better customer experience. That's right, happy employees make for happy customers, and CX and EX can no longer be considered as two separate disciplines.

But what is this correlation between employee and customer experience, and how can businesses achieve that? In this blog, we are going to discuss how you can align CX and EX with transformation strategies.

Benefits of Aligning EX with CX

While most businesses follow a customer-first culture as their CX strategy, employees are often sidelined. Did you know that investing in employee experience can lead to a 73% increase in productivity and a 75% increase in customer satisfaction? According to a study by Forbes, 70% of executives agree that improved EX can be one of the important transformation strategies for better CX and EX.

Thus, boosting employee morale should no longer be an afterthought, and working on employee experience while building customer experience is the way to go. EX and CX are intricately related, and aligning them can offer the following values and benefits for a business

  • Customer expectations are constantly evolving and rising, and in such an environment, your employees need to be on the lookout for customer demands and different ways to cater to them. When a business takes care of its employee's experiences, it can motivate them to perform better in achieving the CX goals, leading to the much-needed agility that can help you stay ahead of your competitors.

  • Companies with highly engaged workforces are 21% more profitable than their competitors, and you can't create a motivated internal team without focusing on their experience and satisfaction.

  • Employee engagement levels have a direct relation to the organization's turnover rates, and creating an employee-centric culture will create a better CX strategy with increased sales and business growth.

Effective Business Strategies For Better CX and EX

Now that we have understood the importance of prioritizing EX with CX, we need a transformation throughout the organization to achieve this goal. Here are five strategies for better CX that are aligned with employee experience -

Service Design Approach

Companies need to integrate employee and customer experience through service design to create a differentiated CX strategy. Remember, it is often the employees who deliver experiences for your brand, and they are responsible for making or breaking the customer experience.

Service design can transform both CX and EX by considering the frontstage (customers) and backstage (employees) involved in delivering a product or service. For this, businesses can work together with customers, stakeholders, and employees to map journeys and create a blueprint of different aspects.

Rethink Employee Performance Indicators

While investing in EX and CX are equally important, businesses need to include traditional performance metrics that are aligned with upgraded tech and expectations. For example, if a telecommunication company starts providing in-person internet installation services to clients, the back-end workforce's success needs to be evaluated by using upgraded metrics that take this new service into account by using customer feedback and surveys.

Invest in the EX of Customer Service Platforms

Companies need to invest in new employee-centric tools that optimize customer service while creating a better customer experience. For example, as most retail businesses introduce chatbots and digital service channels for customers, they also need to provide innovative tools to employees. Call center employees can be provided with AI-driven scripts based on sentiment analysis to provide exemplary customer interaction, thus improving CX.

Include Employees in Creating CX Journeys

Both employees and customers are most satisfied when they feel seen and heard. Involving employees while planning your CX strategy can be a great way to make them feel included and increase employee engagement. This can be done by asking for their opinion on creating new digital touchpoints or customer platforms, and businesses can also incentivize them to join the CX team. They can also conduct frequent employee training sessions for better CX journeys of the consumers.

Design Segmented EX Journeys

Apart from including employees in creating CX journeys, you also need to focus on their journeys. Every employee has distinct expectations and is motivated by different elements, and by creating segmented EX journeys, brands can allow employees to work on the company goals in a way that makes sense for their unique personal goals, which can lead to an increased employee retention rate. For example - creating same-day pay options for warehouse employees can help them create flexible schedules to match their life needs.

Thus, it is crucial to understand what your employees want and what drives them to work better. Based on that, you can create strategies that motivate them while providing customer experiences. This alignment is a compelling long-term solution to satisfy your customers and employees while aiming for overall success and growth.


Are you still struggling to find ways for transformation strategies for your business strategies for better CX and make them more employee-inclusive? You can reach out to us for a quick consultation, and we will provide you with some practical solutions as per your business model and needs.

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