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Essential Tips to Build Online Reputation of Your Business

Build online reputation of your business

A few things that are imperative for the success of any brand include building a favorable online reputation. If you want to build or improve your brand image, you need to work towards online reputation management. Thanks to the digital era, it has become easy for customers to provide feedback and review your products/services, and this is where managing your online reputation becomes essential.

Your brand's image goes a long way in the growth of your business. Here are some tips and strategies, including omnichannel to build and maintain your reputation online.

Importance of Building Your Brand's Online Reputation

In this competitive world, a business's reputation precedes the business itself. Customers today not only check the product description before making a purchase but also read customer reviews. This is one example of why online reputation is crucial. Some other reasons include -

  • Consumers trust a brand with a good reputation, and as per statistics, 62% of consumers are loyal to the brands they trust. This trust doesn't develop out of nowhere, you have to work towards nurturing it through management strategies.

  • Reputation strategies, like omnichannel support in CX, can create better brand experiences and drive emotional bonds while giving you a competitive edge.

  • Positive reviews about your product and services can increase online visibility and credibility, boosting sales and leading to repeat customers.

  • As your brand reputation develops, it becomes easier to reach a new audience as current customers start recommending your products. This can expand customer reach and lead to sustainable business growth.

Some Effective Strategies & Essential Tips to Build Online Reputation of Your Business

Now that we have established the importance of brand reputation, here are some easy and useful tips to build online reputation of your business.

24*7 Customer Support

Customers prefer brands that provide convenient support throughout the day. Consumers don't want to wait a long time for query resolution, and providing 24*7 customer support ensures that your customers can speak to support specialists or chatbots and get their issues addressed on the spot. This also shows that the brand cares about its customers, and in turn, customers can reward you with a better reputation.

Active Social Media Presence

Social platforms are convenient to interact with your customers personally. This can help brands showcase their authenticity and individuality and is a great way to promote your products. As per a study, 75% of consumers who follow a brand on social media are likely to increase their spending with the brand. Thus, the more active you are on social media, the better it is for the business!

Omnichannel Experience

We know that a brand's reputation is directly related to customer experience. Businesses need to employ an omnichannel strategy to provide better customer experience. An omnichannel experience popularly means simplifying CX across multiple touchpoints to create a seamless experience. Here are some tried and tested ways to create an omnichannel customer experience -

  1. Firstly, align your business goals and identify opportunities for better customer outcomes.

  2. Identify which channels are best suited to engage your customers and update your customer journey map by using various sources, like surveys and analytical tools.

  3. The next step to include omnichannel support in CX and increase your reputation is to connect with the stakeholders and decide on a well-planned approach.

  4. It is also essential to prioritize integration and automation to show up for your customers at the right time. You can also invest in tools that offer in-house support to integrate effectively.

  5. Lastly, tailor the strategy as per each channel; for example - brands can create text posts for LinkedIn and video posts for Instagram/TikTok.

  6. Following an omnichannel strategy can improve your customer service, which can lead to positive word-of-mouth and eventually, a better online reputation.

Improve Your E-A-T

E-A-T stands for expertise, authority, and trust and is an important factor used by Google to evaluate the web page's quality. To improve your E-A-T, you need to use topical backlinks, gain mentions from trusted sources, like influencers, and create up-to-date content. The more authentic your webpage is, the more visibility it gets on Google.

Leverage the Power of Networking

Lastly, make sure to network with the people in your industry, attend social events, and build a rapport with social media creators for influencer marketing. Apart from this, your brand also needs to connect with the competitors and collaborate in a way that provides mutual benefits and increases overall customer reach, like introducing joint discounts or developing a unique product.


Hence, when it comes to online reputation, you need to stay active and updated. Thinking from the customer's point of view can help develop strategies that can lead to a better customer relationship and positive brand reputation, which can elevate your journey toward success.

In case you are still confused about the best strategies to adopt or are facing issues while developing omnichannel support, you can consult BetterCX to better your CX game and manage your brand reputation effectively.


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